June Agronomy Update

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As the agronomy division, we are lucky to be apart of such a proactive farming community. Our coop members and board understand the importance of being a step ahead of the agriculture industry. A big topic in agriculture today is sustainably. And if your not on the sustainably ban wagon, you better hop on quick. Whether you agree with it or not, consumers are worried about where their food comes from and it will soon be the standard in Ag business.  The good news is that we are already good stewards of the land here in the thumb.  The bad news is that we are not telling anyone about how good of a job we do!

The agronomy division is excited to announce it is currently running a new computer software program, Advisor, a CDMS (Crop Data Management Systems, Inc.) program.  CDMS is an advanced technology support company based out of California and has been working on agronomic technology applications since 1983. The agronomy department has been training and working with CDMS since December of 2012. We are gradually transitioning into the new program and we are happy with the tools that it provides thus far.

Last fall, we began running all of our dry spreading applications into Advisor and this spring we started liquid applications.  Some of you have probably experienced some of the new paperwork, and we hope it has only improved your farming operation. Advisor has been a lot of extra work for agronomist and applicators during its first year, but everything should be easier and faster in the long run. This new technology will allow us to have more accurate records, improved tractability of crops and chemicals and shaper accountability of variable rate application. Most importantly, Advisor can help us as Cooperative Elevator Co.  to tell consumers about our story.  We hope that you remain patient during this transition period and share the excitement of being leaders in the Ag industry!

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