July Safety Update

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For Cooperative Elevator Co. safety is always number one.  Here are a few summer reminders when handing chemicals.

  • Do not transport, mix, or use agricultural chemicals unless you can summon help, if needed.
  • Keep an ample supply of water nearby to flush exposed skin areas if chemical contact occurs.
  • Check all pesticide equipment before you use it to ensure proper working condition.
  • Read labels carefully. Follow the label directions when mixing, applying, storing, or disposing of chemicals.
  • Wear personal protective equipment to prevent dermal, inhalation, and mucous membrane exposure.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke when handling chemicals.
  • Launder clothing and bathe after working with chemicals to ensure that all residue isremoved from clothing and skin.
  • Do not use agricultural chemicals around the home or office.
  • Observe assigned reentry intervals. Always wear the appropriate protective clothing when entering fields before the reentry date.
  • Always handle chemicals downhill from wells, cisterns, sink holes, ditches, or standing water. Do not apply chemicals when rain is imminent or if wind could affect the spraying area.
  • Triple-rinse spray equipment and empty containers. Apply the rinse water to the treated field and properly dispose of empty containers.
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