Fall Means Planting

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Fall is not only a time to think about harvest, it is also a time to think about planting! From GPS soil sampling, fertilizing, ordering seed, and planting cover crops, NOW is the time to do it.  GPS sampling opens the door for variable rate seeding in the spring, as well as smarter fertilizing. With lower commodity prices, only spreading fertilizer where it is needed with GPS is a great option to cut cost. Getting next year’s seed orders in this fall will also save money with early order discounts. Cover crop seed is in stock and available right now.  Between seasons, planting cover crops improve and promote the stability and biodiversity in the agro-ecosystem. They also help control weed growth, prevent soil born pests, solve compaction and erosion issues, increase soil porosity, and either maintain or increase available nitrogen. Whatever your needs this fall, contact your agronomist to develop a farm plan that fulfills them!

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